August 21, 2004

How hot is Kuwait’s summer?

Kuwait is a Desert Country and it most likely to be VERY hot in the summer, BUT, how HOT can a Desert be?

Kuwait’s hot weather starts in May (5th) and probably ends in November (11th), and the degree Celsius goes way too high for a Human to work, for example, how can a human work in a 50+ Celsius ? its very hot, Of Course we have Air Conditioners BUT what about the people who HAVE to work in the sun? well I feel very sad for those, since the SUN in approximately 12PM noon would be very burning, people conducted Egg experiments, and the egg cooked in approximately 45 minutes.

In the year 2001 Summer course in the institute of applied science were I studied, I had Field practice in Shuiba at Kuwait Catalyst Company, at that time, I parked my car outside the company directly under the sun from 8AM till 2PM everyday for 2 months, and when the work finishes, I head to my car, open the doors and Start the engine, open the air conditioner and Stay outside the car for like 5 minutes! Just waiting for the air inside my car to cool a bit! It was horrible, the wheel was Burning and I had to withstand that EVERY DAY, since my car was freaking BLACK, the air inside it is really hot, I don’t think a human can SIT in it, you will MELT.

After I finished that horrible HOT course, I sat in my home wondering about it, and I realized that I had a CD player inside the car the whole time! I went to check on it and Found out that one of the buttons MELTED AWAY! I was shocked, I thought to myself, this is how hot can it be? What if a person stayed in there for the same amount of time that CD player? I would think that person might have died 2 days after. these are the best pictures i could make, stupid camera.


Last night, when my friend came to pick me up to get Food, I noticed something Weird in the backseat of his car, a CD BOX, but that CD BOX was MELTED, I couldn’t help myself Holding it and checking it, I was shocked, I didn’t think that the sun can MELT this CD BOX that was INSIDE the car, I can understand a CD player Button, BUT a whole CD BOX? My god, what was the temperature? 55? I wouldn’t be surprised! It’s a miracle that we have Air Conditioners, I wonder how did our Ancestor lived without air conditioners, I feel sorry for them honestly.


The Temperature Tower that is Very easy recognizable in Kuwait, shows the Temperature each day, each day I pass by it and read the temperature, the highest I read was 47-49 Degree Celsius, BUT the car Thermometer shows that its freaking 52-54 Degree Celsius, well come on here, how did that happen? In my wild guess that the Tower isn’t showing the REAL temperature, because at 54-55 Degree people will die since its FREAKING HOT, I read about some people that die or have a stroke due to hot weather in Europe, I checked their Temperature, it was freaking 38 Celsius! Hello, come here and check out our 54 degree Celsius! And see if u can survive for 5 minutes! Hahahahah.

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loool, I should show these pictures to my friends back in the states ;)

Posted by: Maryam at August 24, 2004 02:59 AM