September 19, 2004


Hello dear reader.

First off I would like to apologize for this absence which is due to unforeseen circumstances. Anyway let us get to it.
Lately I was tinkered with the idea of marriage and basically had my values and beliefs tested in ways that made me look at a broad range of issues from a different perspective. First, though, I need to tell you my perspective in regards to women in general. I think women are beautiful and the right one will always be an extension of you as a man. Yet I hate them because of events that happened to me long time ago that caused me to be who I am today.
Marriage. The sacred bound between a man and women, or in our days, same sex, but all and all it sacred. What struck me the most was the thought of going into a life long relationship with a total stranger. But then again that is how we have been doing it for the past I donít know how long. I, to some degree, oppose marrying someone I donít know. Yet I have a person who I would most likely marry off the regular way. A question pops up in my mind which is, how would you manage between societal values and beliefs and your own? Now a list of questions follow the previous one like how would you go about choosing and would you let your mom choose for you or is seeing her once enough? More questions follow all with out answers. Now let us examine our culture for a second. In Kuwait the norm is to have family pick your future spouse and you end up living with that person for your life. Love or other factors, older people would say, come later. But what if what you want from that relationship never comes? Or what if that person is not right for you? What should you do then? By the time you realize that you have made a mistake you are probably with a couple of kids and you end up holding on to something that was never there just for the kids sakes. Let us look at this issue from another angle. Say you end up marrying someone whom you knew or maybe was in love with. What guarantees you that this person didnít talk to someone else before you and that he or she wouldnít bail out on you later on? Dilemma with a big D hits here. Left of right the chances of failure are pretty high. What also stood out right from the beginning is the fact that most marriages are built either on financial gains or complete disarray. It is true that girls seek financial dependence from potential partners and boys want to dip the sausage before realizing all of this was just makeup. Where is the compatibility part and where is the love part? One most crucial question that I would ask is who is getting married, the guy and the girl or the parents of both. Until all of these questions are answered I remain a bachelor for sometime to come. Being in a battle between what is right culture wise and what is right mind wise seems somewhat never ending. Where are we in this day in age and are we holding on to something that is long overdone its stay? Think about it for a second and look around you at example of people who got married. You will realize something is wrong or maybe right for you but at least think about the other side of an idea or belief and you might just end up exploring something new. Comments as always are appreciated. And that was just another 3gady thought.

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August 12, 2004

3gady thoughts

Ah Kuwait, nice, everything you want in life. But the heat is another story. You might say where have you been all your life? well am tell yah, not in Kuwait. but enough of that. Main question that struck my mind is why we don't use this sun to our advantage? How hard is it to actually build a solar energy station that can convert solar energy into electricity? not hard at all. What about resourses like money, time, place, and was6a? well we got those too. so why didn't any government official suggest such a thing? Well i asked around and apparently its cheaper to produce electricity using oil then using the sun. well cheaper now but not later on. think about it for a minute and you will know why. think about the oil we could save and the energy we can sell by using sun power. envirnomentaly this is the best way. but i doubt anyone is really listening on in this matter, reading anything. Kuwait is a small country that has vast economical resourses that can be utilized to created better life, more money and a greater place to live. Yet people here seldom care about it or fear for its well being. yet again no one really does anything for tomorrow, all for today. my self first and then we will see about the rest. I hope this might inspire some to think and have a greater look at our country. and that was just another 3gady thought. comments appreciated. Thanks.

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August 05, 2004

First of All

Hello everybody. This is my first experiance as a blogger. So lets get going. First let me tell you why the "3gady Corner" name was chosen for this blog. It, to me, represents an idea or more an image of a person who is uneducated and mainly uncivilized by todays standards. Yet, some of the most interesting people I have met here is Kuwait are what regular folks call 3agad. Also it is very true that their ways is somewhat weird or out of the ordinary to regular folks and it does make quite a show sometimes. Now lets say if you are in a situation that causes someone to call you 3gady. How would you feel and react? It is funny to because i have been in many such situations because of the way i talk and the car i have. Now stop and ask your self this. What if those 3gady people are the real deal? so think about that till i figure out something else to write in this blog. How about we define 3gady?

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